Welcome to the next best thing in crowdfunding

Eurekah is a different kind of blockchain crowdfunding platform. We are designed for Creators with a focus on reinventing the user experience.

About Us

We make dreams become a reality

Trust and Community Engagement

We are here to support a Creators dream and provide the tools necessary for success by building a system of checks and balances to encourage platform users to make informed decisions when backing a Prospect.

Reputation, Transparency

We are dedicated to bring more clarity and transparency to the crowdfunding community. As opposed to just helping Creators get funded, one of the primary goals of Eurekah is to actually see the product delivered to the Patron. As such, we have dedicated project managers for each Prospect who engages with Creators and works with them to find ways to develop the idea.

A crowdfunding platform that actually works

Traditional crowdfunding platforms are riddled with fraud and backers often have little to no recourse after contributions have been made to projects. We are changing this antiquated model and creating an ecosystem where the crowdfunding community is actively engaged, Creators have support, and Patrons have protection.

The Eurekah Ecosystem

Establishing a reliable way to crowdfund

We believe in supporting a passion for innovation by fostering creativity in the entrepreneurial community

Fairness and Transparency

By aligning incentives for platform users, Creators and Patrons will be incentivized and rewarded to participate actively and honestly

Our Values

Collaborative Environment

Listening to the voice of our users and establishing a system that creates rewards for the well intended

Funding the Future

Focusing on the next wave of innovation and providing the tools necessary for success

Crypto Awareness

Showing practical use cases for crypto assets to back tangible goods and services in the creative communities

Future Driven

Thinking ahead while relying on data from the past

Meet Our Team

We are believers. We are dreamers. We are entrepreneurs. We seek to change the way people come together.

Advisory Board

Following is our advisory board list


Our milestones we are going towards rapidly to achieve that

Frequently Asked Questions

Eurekah is a blockchain crowdfunding platform where Creators can fundraise and Patrons can fund ideas. The platform is designed as a stage for the creative community to draw inspiration and make their dreams become a reality.

Eurekah is a different kind of crowdfunding platform. First, we use blockchain technology to layer in added security and transparency. Next, we ensure our Creators and Patrons find success throughout the lifespan of a well-run Prospect (not just at the end). For Creators, we slowly release funds once milestones are met. For Patrons, we continually keep them in the loop about their projects. Lastly – and most importantly – Eurekah has built a secondary marketplace where users can trade active projects and Creators can receive percentages of secondary marketplace sales.

The platform works by having Creators and Patrons come together to support ideas. If you’re building something, we give you resources to help you succeed. If you’re contributing, we keep you informed and give you the freedom to trade on our secondary marketplace. Eurekah’s goal is to support your goals.

We are committed to keeping all of our users protected – from your creations to your donations. For early supporters, we guarantee a portion of your contributions are returned in the event of an unsuccessful Prospect. On the backend, we don't allow people to post on the site without approving the scope of work. Lastly, we assign dedicated project managers to oversee each Creator – limiting the amount of scammy and failed projects.

The secondary marketplace is where early adopters can benefit, Creators can fundraise, and Eurekah can support a holistic crowdfunding experience with aligned incentives for both Patrons and Creators.

We intend for a 2018 year end launch of the live platform. Until then, we will be keeping the community up to date about our progress through social media, establishing notable industry partnerships, and continuing to work on the development of the site.

Please send an email to info@eurekah.com for all questions about our site and potential partnerships. Our team will get back to you shortly.

Please contact sales@eurekah.com for info about our Pre ICO Equity fundraising round. A team member from our Finance department will get back to you shortly.